Recorda el futur

Time travel from the past to the future of the tech industry.

From June 20 to November 3

Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Generalitat de Catalunya bring to the Palau Robert the "Recorda el futur" experience, which was presented for the first time during MWC Barcelona 2024, the leading event in the connectivity sector.

The exhibition pays tribute to the industry and companies that have positioned Barcelona as a global reference. An immersive exhibition and a journey through time where you can discover that the great advances of yesterday are the pillars of the revolutions of tomorrow.

You can find us at:
Palau Robert. Pg. de Gràcia, 107

Remember the future we dared to dream.

To build the future, we must value what we have learned from the past. Our country has that past. It led us to experience four industrial revolutions, challenges were successfully overcome. From a resilience that, now more than ever, remains present in the DNA of our society. A legacy that now legitimizes us to embrace the new 5.0 industrial revolution.

An Industrial Revolution 5.0 that will unite man and technology

To complement, not to replace. To generate synergies, not gaps. To make the future a sustainable place, where technology serves people.

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A journey through time from the past to the future of the technology industry

Let yourself be carried away on a unique and astonishing journey through the four major industrial revolutions that have been decisive in transforming our territory and society.

Witness the arrival of steam in the textile industry… the implementation of electricity in our daily lives… the progress of the automotive industry and digitalization… and now the next revolution, the 5.0 revolution.

It is an immersive visual and auditory experience that shows how these revolutions have impacted not only industry, but also our daily lives, humanising technology and highlighting its influence on our society.

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Past, present and future shake hands!

Experience first-hand the most innovative projects driven by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and key companies from Barcelona’s business and technology ecosystem. Discover how the 5.0 industrial revolution is now a reality for them!

Meet them at our exhibition at Palau Robert. Pg. de Gràcia, 107


DesAIgn your own one of a kind wardrobe!

You are about to enjoy a pioneering experience in the fashion industry, where you can design an exclusive garment based on your preferences, your creativity and generative AI.

Try this adapted version of the online platform, created by Fermat in collaboration with Desigual’s creative team, and design garments using the creative and collaborative capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Welcome to a more sustainable, accessible and surprising industry.

Make data as human as you: create your own data-twin!

Thanks to the supercomputers of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and its spin-off, ELEM Biotech, we can create a digital twin with biometric and medical data. This allows us to better understand the body, personalise treatments and prevent diseases, opening up infinite possibilities in medical research.

This experience will show you how we can create digital prototypes of the heart using your own data.

* This data will not be stored or used for any purpose other than to personalise this demonstration.

Rule a more ECO energy, rule it Smart!

Explore, through this interactive model, the different Wallbox proposals to manage the energy of your domestic devices and optimise consumption, adapting it to the needs of your home and even of each device.

Discover how technological innovation will drive the definitive change towards a more intelligent and environmentally friendly mobility and energy consumption.

Ride on the wheels that will take you to the future of sustainability

This experience gives you the unique opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne, a 1,114 horsepower, 100% electric, carbon fibre hypercar. A new generation of electric vehicles inspired by the past, but with a level of power and sustainability capable of taking us into the future.

Drive around the curves of the historic Montjuïc circuit and discover the most advanced automotive technology.


12:30 am

Inauguration of the exhibition

Institutional event by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and the Generalitat de Catalunya, where the experience “Recorda el futur” will be inaugurated, first presented during MWC Barcelona 2024, the main event in the connectivity sector. The exhibition pays tribute to the industry and companies that have positioned Barcelona as a global reference.
6 pm

Families, summer and screens

Digital well-being, under debate.

Event focused on promoting the digital well-being of families. In this event, families will learn how to promote healthy digital habits at home and discover practical strategies to manage their children’s screen use.
10 am

Digital Talent for a New Industrial Revolution (5.0)

An event that will address how to bridge the digital talent gap in the face of exponential digitization of industry and services. Experts will discuss emerging professional challenges and strategies for developing key digital skills in a roundtable. The event explores, among other issues, the integration of AI and its impact on labor transformation and competitiveness in various sectors.


From June 20 to November 3

Palau Robert,

Palau Robert. Pg. de Gràcia, 107

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